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Sorry for the Departure

As you can probably tell, I haven’t posted in a little bit again. I would like to say that it’s because for the last 3 weeks I was stranded on a desert island without internet access, but that wouldn’t be the truth would it? So that said, this post is about work load.

I like to complain that I have a crazy workload… And often it’s true. The question though is how do you measure your workload in a given month? Some people are capable of tracking hours, but for me, that can be rather tedious. I prefer to use metric’s that already exist, and don’t require any human interaction to record them. That said, let me share this nifty little metric with you:

The number of legitimate emails you get in a single month

Sounds simple doesn’t it? If you’re like me and you keep all your old email, and you organize it into monthly folders (ok, so most people probably just delete their email, or use GMail which keeps it all for them), this can prove to be a really good metric to use to track work load… Just look at my data for the last 5 months.

January: 472
February: 476
March: 599
April: 650
May: 1002

So as you can see, my work load has been gradually increasing, until you hit April, where it just shoots way up. That is due primarily to a single client. In fact, that single client sent me over 350 emails in the month of May. Now, that said, I should see the number drop in June, as things start to ramp down from the project with them. I suppose it’s a good thing this spike hit in May, because Amber is off in Europe, so she didn’t notice the neglect.

In other news… Nikki has left town. Computer Club ends today. I’m reopening my WoW account most likely tonight. I’ve run out of Diet Mountain Dew Again. All my favorite TV shows have ended for the season. And, last but not least: the only firm decision that has been made about my impending nuptials is that Richard Benson (aka simland) has agreed to be my best man… Now if only I could come up with a list of things I can now make him do ;-).

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