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Awakening With Joy

Today has started well. I made it through Spanish actually understanding what was going on. We spent an hour discussing this play we have to present to the class. It should be interesting, scripts are due Monday and we haven’t done a thing.

I have an english midterm in about 30 minutes, which I should do fine on. The only thing I dont know is some of the vocabulary, but I think I can find the sheet with that on it before the test. Wish me luck!

There is one thing that is kind of bothering me. I have a feeling I will be spending much of this weekend alone. Maybe I will call people to go work on the Bird or something to that effect. All I know is that with Nik being gone at Sonshine, well I don’t know what I know about that… Maybe.. Maybe… Maybe after this class I’ll hop in my car, and drive on up for a day or two.

Yeah, that sounds like a good way to spend my day and night. I just have to get all my homework done today as opposed to doing it last minute.

My afternoon today will be spent with the thrills of the orthodontist. I wonder when these pieces of bent metal will be coming off my mouth.

Back to the thrills of school I go…

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