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The Sound of Work

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I work better with music. Steady rythms allow my fingers and my mind to stay focused, and at a steady pace. Most of the time, I listen to some sort of trance/techno/europop/remixed pop stuff. The two big keys for me though are this:

1) Above all, It has to move. Slow, put me to sleep music, just doesn’t cut it when I’m programming, or trying to do anything for that matter… except maybe sleep.

2) If at all possible, it must have lyrics I can sing with (and preferably, know). Some of you might be surprised at how often I randomly shout lyrics to the song I’m listening to… Then again, some of you wouldn’t be surprised at all.

All that said, I’ve decided I want to share some of the “Remixed” music that I’ve been listening to lately. I know that it’s something that John and Alex quite often, and I don’t plan on making an extreme habit of this… But who knows, maybe you’ll find something to put on that zune iPod Iphone of yours. All songs linked for your pleasure to the right.

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  • John June 29, 2007, 9:04 am

    Not surprised at all. And I really don't post anything on my website anymore but pictures 🙂