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Perhaps Reducing Stress

After the events of my last post, it got me thinking again that I really don’t enjoy being in the hosting business. There are some sites that I think I will always host in house (JR is a good example). There are some client sites that just HAVE to be hosted on custom hardware that I will continue to host. All my current clients that want to be hosted with me, I will continue to host.

But I think…

I think it’s time for the smaller sites to be hosted elsewhere. Somewhere where I am not responsible for their uptime. I want to program. I don’t want to stay up because of issues with servers.

That said, I think I’m going to start recommending to my clients that they run to Dreamhost. Now, there’s something funny here, because I actually just finished moving someone off of them. But here’s the jist of it:

Dreamhost works great for just about anyone doing the basic stuff. Meaning: If it’s just a site with some basic information, maybe a small CMS, etc. the site would do fine there. If it’s a site that has advanced processing, or heaving process load, or if you require special php modules, then they might not be the right move… The reason: shared hosting doesn’t work so well when you need that much equipment.

I don’t know when or if this will be happening.. or if I’m ever going to “force” the issue. All I know, is that I just don’t like this stress anymore :-).

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  • Alx July 1, 2007, 8:12 am

    Thought I'd bring up my long-term plan for hosting in this context:

    The fantastic company Joyent recently merged with Textdrive, so it inherits Textdrive's hosting services. At $15 a month, the services offered fit me quite well. Anyone interested can check it out at textdrive.com

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