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Hosting… Hosting… Hosting…

As I continue this moving process, I keep running into this issue that I don’t really know what the solution is to. Dreamhost, so far, has served me wonderfully. The ability to compile php is fantastic, and the amount of bandwidth available is always a very important thing to me, as I am hosting tons and tons of videos.

What concerns me though is overselling.

Every major host does it. Dreamhost, Lunar Pages, etc. all have to do it to some degree. How do you offer… If every client used their 250GB, the server would be empty in no time. But I can measure how close a server is to being “full” of storage space. It’s the things I can’t measure that bother me.

Namely: processor load. The biggest problem with shared hosting is that the processor load can shoot through the roof due to 1 client. When that happens, your looking at slower sites, or even shut down sites. This is simply, a problem with virtual hosting in general. VPS solutions are often better, but they still are not perfect. The only great route to go is dedicated. But then, there’s the cost.

All that said, I’m a man that believes everyone should have the best uptime possible at the best cost, and the features they need to run. That said, I’m willing to tell my clients that Dreamhost is the right solution. They haven’t had MAJOR downtime problems with the exception of an incident last year (one which is fixed). Their fairly easy to deal with. The only thing missing: phone support, but hey… That’s what I’m here for right :-).

I think though that Mike showed me why it is I will stick with recommending dreamhost, despite the negatives I have read.. Read his article here.

So Dreamhost stays my leading choice for clients at the moment. I might give lunar a try… And I know westhost is a great safety to fall back on. But thats that.

So I’m curious, did anyone get signed up after my post yesterday with Subvert?