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Start Praying

For those on the bridge… Pray pray pray pray pray. If you don’t what I’m talking about… Turn on your TV.

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  • Richard August 2, 2007, 9:39 am

    You know it's bad when I start praying. I was there minutes after it happened and all through the night. On the bright side, many people got out safe. More than one would think possible with the sight of the destruction. Also some of our prayers got answered because the sun got blotted out but the rains never came. That was a blessing. Pray for the families of those who could not get out of their cars in the water.

  • Justin Gehring August 2, 2007, 9:09 pm

    It was an amazing thing… The radar just going blank was pretty cool… just fell apart as it came to the cities…

    Was glad to hear your all right… Also hope that tough work schedule isn't killing ya Rich.

    I've got to give cred to KSTP as well… That had to be close to 30 hours of non-stop coverage (I'm assuming they didn't stop in the afternoon, I just stopped watching)… They went all through the night… So much so, that I almost didn't go to sleep.