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New Feature of Today: Social Bookmarks

I’ve always thought that these were a little pointless, but I’m trying to figure out ways to start drumming up traffic again. To say the least, I want to blog more and more, and so this has become my test best for testing every possible thing people *might* want to see on this page.

I didn’t really feel like finding social bookmarking sites. I knew of a few (like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit), but to write code for each one was going to take me a little while. So I just followed the pattern I’ve taken with everything else lately: I went looking for a WordPress plug-in to do it for me. Sure enough, I found one here.

Now, in less than 5 minutes of work, every one of my posts contains the ability to social bookmark at the bottom of it. I’m debating where they will end up in the final version of this site… But for now, they’ll have to live in their default location.

Back to the grindstone I go.