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Loop Holes

I must admit, I find it hilarious how many loopholes there are in anything.

Apparently, Fred Thompson, the not-so-announced tv-star political candidate has a federal complaint against him with the FEC according to MSNBC. I guess because he is breaking those lame campaign-funding rules before even becoming a candidate (if he does become one).

Personally: Let the rich and popular win. The fact of the matter is, the grossly rich, and the grossly popular people will win anyway… When was the last time you saw someone making $24,000/year and had $30,000 in debt run and win a presidential election? So let a bunch of people put millions of dollars back into the system… The fact of the matter is something I will say (and have said) time and time again:

“Anyone capable of getting elected president should not be allowed to do the job.” – Douglas Adams. (something like that)

In any case, read the FEC complaint here if it interests you. For now, I’m going to go watch my future president on Law and Order.

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