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Competico: Money for People Who Take Photos

For those of you who take really awesome pictures (Alex), or those of you who just like to vote on what a really awesome picture is, be sure to check out Competico. You can win real cash for your best piece of artwork, if it matches the given categories. The only downside that I can really see at the moment is that after the first two photos you enter, they start charging a fee (lame).

It makes me wonder though, what would happen to a site like this if Subvert and Profit added it to their list of sites to “subvert”.  You could in theory, win just about any competition if you had enough people around with accounts to vote for you, which could simply be a quick and easy $500.00. Heck, you might not even need something like subvert… All it would take is someone like Kottke to post a photo of his baby and then a blog post to his readers to tell them to go vote for him, it would be over in a flash.

I think voting online is in trouble as it is… We can’t stop the millions of programmers who can get around any program designed to prevent a computer from posting. We can’t stop companies like Subvert from paying people to do things that computers aren’t quite good enough at. So what’s left?

Can you imagine if the presidential elections were held online?  No real effort would have to be made to vote… And even if they did find a way to prevent computers from voting, and limit it to 1 vote per person, they still wouldn’t be able to stop a company from buying votes from all those people that normally don’t care… Voter turn out can’t help Jessie Ventura get elected again if all the “spare” voters are being paid for.

I’m not saying people aren’t getting paid to vote now though… Just takes more of an effort.

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