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Sunroof Car Care

I probably haven’t said this clearly yet, but I got my new Jeep Compass 2007 edition last friday. It’s fully loaded, all tricked out, and I am in love with it. The plan right now is as soon as I can get my hands on Amber’s camera (I want nice pictures), I will post them to the site in a detailed description of why I love my vehicle. Until then, I’m going to share my lesson of the day with you.

My new vehicle has a sun roof.

My old vehicle had one too.

In my old vehicle, when the sunroof was open, you knew it. You could feel the wind. You could hear the wind. Almost to the point that you sometimes regretted opening it. On the upside though, it reminded you to close (put it back in) when you were done. My new car though, makes no noise, and does not give away at all that it is open. So when I was showing someone my car today and opened the sun roof for them, I completely forgot to shut it when I arrived at my next destination.

Normally, no big deal, but of course, it rained.

Thankfully, when I discovered it, it appears that most of the water landed in the middle of my car, which is for the most part, plastic. Very little cloth. No electronics. The dash was fine… and besides some water in the front of the roof, the ceiling was for the most part dry. However, I still came home and dried everything by hand, making sure I got every drop, and that hot air blew on the stuff that I thought might still be a little moist (floor, etc.)  I’m hoping, this will spare me from any long term smells or damage.

However, it did get me thinking about my sunroof and taking care of problems that arise from it. I did some quick google searchs to see how best to clean up my mess. While doing so, I stumbled on Volksblog, a nifty little blog that had this nifty little how-to on how to care for your sunroof. I thought it would be worth sharing with anyone and everyone who has a sunroof, so here I am, linking to it.  So go check it out.

In other car news: Nascar finally ran their race today… Not normally a big deal except it’s a Tuesday… a 2 day rain delay… Just crazy. I think I beat my dad, but the real time scoring was all messed up but who knows. It’s almost Chase time… and last time I checked, my driver (Jeff Gordon) was the only one to have clinched a spot in the chase.

Well, off to do something other than computers for a bit.

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  • Amber August 22, 2007, 7:19 pm

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhahahahaha you are silly.