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An *Almost* perfect evening

At about 3:00PM today, I get a phone call from Amber telling me a few things. The first thing is that she has very happily cut her hair to a much shorter length. The second thing was that she managed to get the night off of work so that we could finally use a gift card from Ann Sieg and Company that we got a month or two ago.

The evening started with us heading to the Black Forest Inn, a small restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. I was surprised to see that kitty corner to where I was eating was Azia, one of our clients that I’ve actually never had the pleasure of meeting. I thought about heading over there to say “Hi, I’m Justin”, but I was on a date, and the last thing I wanted to do was turn it into business.

Once inside this very German establishment, we sat down and ordered our meal. I had the Salmon, which I must admit was the best Salmon I have ever had (really). In fact, Amber refused to stop eating my salmon at one bite and I had to defend my dinner from her ravenous fork. All in all, it was a great meal, and the price wasn’t any worse than say a Red Lobster (again thank you Ann Sieg for providing the meal).

We then drove straight down the road to Triple Espresso, the highly caffeinated comedy here in the Twin Cities. I had been hearing about this show from Jeremy all throughout college (he worked there), but never had the pleasure to get out there and actually see it. I must admit, it was the cleanest comedy I saw in years, with no swearing I believe, and one very humorous reference to nudity (involving orange printer paper). In any case, it was the most fun out that I think me and Amber had had in a long time.

Of course, anything that can go wrong… Will.

I turned my cell phone on after leaving the theater, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had no messages. Cool I thought. So we hopped in the car and made our way home. The drive was kind of weird, I must have seen at least 3 coppers, at least 3 people who shouldn’t have been allowed to drive, and at least 8 motorcyclists slowing up traffic by doing tricks while riding. In any case, we made it home safely.

My normal routine when walking into my house is simple. I put my keys on the counter, harass the cat, then run downstairs and check my email. Of course, what do I find other than my email not responding and a few instant messages about email not working for people. Shortly there after I found myself trying to get into the server, and correct the problem that had arisen.

It’s not close to midnight, and everything is back as it should be, other than my stress level. Maybe a good nights rest will get me calmed down… After all, no one died because their email was delayed an hour right? An almost perfect evening…

Well, one more thing to brighten my day: Nebraska won… and they did it on the ground… Maybe we’ll have less of that west coast offense crap this year and show them that we always belong in the top 10.