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(Others) Mistakes

I love mistakes.

I love it more when I don’t make them.

I love it even more when someone makes a big one with no real consequences that the press then pushes out.

In this case: A B-52 bomber flew over the US last week with 5 nuclear bombs…

If you haven’t heard the story, read it here.

Now, this really isn’t all that big a deal… It’s not like our airforce randomly drops bombs on us. It’s not really all that bad that the stuff was transported improperly. It’s not even that bad that someone forgot to remove the warhead before loading it on the plane.

What makes this story funny (at least to me), is that the airforce then spent the next 4 hours trying to figure out what they did with them. I can just imagine them running around in North Dakota looking for these things, when the whole time they were in their own control flying over the nation. Can you imagine the call to the pilot?

“This is base to roaming bird, come in roaming bird.”

“Roaming bird here.”

“Could someone over there look out a window at the front of the missiles you are carrying and let us know what you see?”

“Yeah sure, one second……. Uh sir… Are we carrying nuclear bombs?”

“I don’t know, are you?”

“The missiles say we are.”

“Oh good, we thought we lost them, just keep flying and try not to crash or we may have a mess on our hands.”

“Uh sir.. Ok Sir.. Umm… Roaming Bird out.”

Ok, so maybe not that funny… But still… I would have loved the power that would have given me as the pilot of that aircraft.

I also like the blog posts that have the public wondering if it was on purpose. You can read one here, although I’m sure there are better conspircy posts out already all over blogger.  Some of the comments are also pretty good, like those found at Right Truth.

On another note, I hope to post about Apple’s many announcements, as well as photos of my new car, later tonight. So keep on reading!

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  • Debbie September 5, 2007, 4:46 pm

    Funny radio communication you have imagined. Don't you know SOMEBODY'S head is going to roll on this one??? I noticed the path from North to South that the plane took, came might close to me. Glad they didn't accidentally drop them too.

    Also, I'm sure the would-be terrorists were watching with glee. heh

    Thanks for the mention, always appreciated.

  • ELOphan September 6, 2007, 7:47 am


    I didn't necessarily pick that particular link for its conspiracy value, but rather, the title of the article was the funniest heading I had seen all morning.

    The "communication" you created though, priceless! Funny stuff!

    Peace to us all -Sue