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Photos on Rinsefirst

Over the last few days I have been debating spending some money on getting photos on RinseFirst, as well as to get them on OurVows and a handful of other sites. Now your probably thinking:

“Why in the world would you spend money to post photos on the internet? There are hundreds of free services out there, not to mention the fact your a programmer, just put them on your own server.”

The fact of the matter is, there are a few things I believe I stand to gain by putting my photos elsewhere:

  • An easier time getting them online (some even let me post them from my cell phone).
  • Better gallery management
  • The ability to order prints (and sell prints)
  • The ability to protect prints (if I’m trying to sell them)
  • Massive backups of prints (like quadruple redundancy)

There are a few other things that I stand to gain as well… What I’m most curious about is whether or not I could get it to pay for itself… Now I’m not a very good photographer, but I would like to believe I could be. I do however believe that Alex of Tumbledry, takes some very good pictures. That said, I want to test a new polling module I have for my blog (called Democracy) by asking two questions:



So let me know what you think here on the site! Until then, no galleries just yet…

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  • Alex September 9, 2007, 7:59 am

    I voted for "who is Alex?" Thanks for the kind words… and I'm sorry but the photo quality is down from average lately at tumbledry. I'm working on it! 😀

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