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I’m glad I don’t gamble on Sports

Maybe I am out of touch with the NFL. Maybe I don’t pay enough attention to what is going on in this “American” sport. But for the life of me, I can’t remember the last time that I would have made so many bad picks. I really only pay attention to the NFC North (because that the league the vikings are in), so here, look at how bad this is:

  • Vikings vs. Atlanta – I was almost sure Atlanta would win, despite the fact it was at home. Vikings have lost fan support around here lately, and Atlanta always seems to beat us. Not to mention a new QB, and a coach that I still consider new. To top it all off, we lost our 1st string running back in the 1st quarter. Never would have guessed the vikings to win today.
  • Green Bay Vs. Philadelphia – Again, was almost sure that Farve was going to lead Green Bay to yet another horrible season, and he still might, but I did not expect him to bring Green Bay to a win against Philadelphia…
  • Chicago Vs. Chargers – Now, this one, my initial reaction was the Bears and their defense, but I entirely forgot about the chargers from last year… So much so that every time I saw this score I kept saying “The bears are losing!?! oh wait… it’s the chargers…” So, my initial reaction here was wrong, but ultimately I probably would have picked this one right with a little bit of brains.
  • Detroit Vs. Raiders – I never would have picked Detroit to win this game, despite the fact that the raiders have lost Moss, as well as the rest of their team… I mean seriously… when was the last time Detroit won anything? (Don’t answer because I vaguely recall a season of strange wins for them a few years back).

So basically, I was at best 1 for 4, if not 0 for 4 for what I would have thought was going to happen on opening day of the NFL.

In other news, the chase has been locked after what was a rather exciting Nascar race last night at Richmond.  Jeff was in the Top 5 all night, but was unable to pull off the win. Amber’s Jimmy Johnson will start off in 1st place next week when the chase begins, with my Jeff trailing by 20 points. Fantasy is going well to, with 10 races left in the season, I am in 1st place. I am 1 game ahead of Amber and Matt, who are 1 game ahead of Richard and John, who are 1 game ahead of my dad. Simply put: It’s still up in the air, unlike last year where I was 3 races away from clitching the league. It kind of makes me sick to think about it given how good a season my team has actually had.

Well, now that I’ve written this, I realize that nobody probably cares about my views on Nascar or on the NFL… So I’ll post it, knowing I need to write something better tomorrow (maybe about Amber).