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Long Day…

So the events of early early this morning, the events of today, and the events of tonight have all come to an end. Things seemed to have worked themselves out but I am of course worried about one small minor factor right now. I just hope that whatever that factor is doesn’t get played, and I hope that everyone wakes up tommorow fresh.

I spent most of today loafing. I should be working on a script for Spanish class. That will be interesting when we perform that, if we preform that. To make the long story short, I have 4 days left of Spanish, and that is what will determine my grade. We have Destinos Episodes to film and see. We have a final to study for. We have a manual to finish. We have a paper to finish. We have an oral interview to finish. So in general, it all sucks.

I’m working on the finishing touches of this site. That way I can officially go public, get rid of this long address, and start working on the cool little features that go with the knowledge of how all the data in the database is stored. It will be cool, real cool.

Many new things are starting today and so to list them out, I thought I would type them in what is known as an unsorted list. lets see how this working with this style of html…

Miss Beth has started her diary now. This goes well with the start of Nik, Amber, Jon, John, Maria, Alex, and Sim *who I can’t link to yet* diaries.

Kari, the crazy girl who is my secret admirer and always has to make sure I am happy, accidently called me today and founded the beginning of my new fan club. I don’t know where this is going, but I figure I will let her be the first and only member for awhile.

The start of the return of everything is tonight. Sim should be returning tommorow. Nikki should be returning tommorow. The only person leaving is Maria. But thats just a start for here 3 week stay in Germany.

I started my homework, yeah!

The start of the girls softball tourny was today. My sister’s team has survived round 1, will they survive tommorow to take it all? Probably not… oh well…

The start of beth’s new haircolor started today!

I am officially starting a new chat abbreviation today. It’s “jnh”. I want everyone to use it instead of AFK. It means just not here. So join the cause and set an away message that says “JNH”. GOT IT? GOOD!

Thats the end of my testing my HTML skills and the end of my pretty list. I think now would be a good time to go back to working on whatever it was I said I was working on when I started writing this.

Few more hours and then…

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