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People of Rinsefirst… It is time for you to solve my marriage problems (haha)… Ok, so really no, I just want you to be a lobby group for me for the moment…

Over at this amazing wedding website called http://www.ourvows.net/. There is a blog post written about invitations. It is presented that are are at least 2 different ways we could go about inviting people…

Now honestly, I don’t ever remember suggesting that we send out a CD/DVD, but if I did, then I must have had a dang cool idea in my head… But some ideas for what I think would be brilliant:

  • Using a computer to mail all the invites without us ever touching them (would save lots of time, and thereby money)
  • Sending a cd/dvd of info about the wedding… How to RSVP, etc. (all of it would be on the label as well)
  • Sending them via UPS so that we could track our invites nationwide, and then find out who was invited first.
  • Singing Telegram – Oh can you imagine… To costly though…

So the only rule I have is that whatever we put together must cost less than $2.50 per invite. That gives me some playing room right :-).

So go over there.. Now! and leave a comment!

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