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How Did I See God Today: Part 1

I’ve started attending a Sunday program at church again. At the moment, I don’t believe it has a name… So we’ll just call it Sunday School for 18 to 25 year olds. It’s the first time in about 3 years that I actually thought a ministry to this age group might have a chance at success. A ministry to this age group has been started and stopped a few times already, and perhaps it lasted and I just didn’t realize it, but I’m pretty sure somewhere it was falling apart.

In any case, we had over 10 people today, which a good sized group for the book study we are attempting. We more than doubled in population in less than a week, and we know there were at least 3 people who plan on attending that didn’t this morning. We’re going to need a bigger room.

Derek issued a challenge to the group today. He wanted us to journal about how we saw God in our lives for the next 7 days, and then pray that God would make himself apparent to us. Since I live in a digital world, I might as well journal here.

So how did I see God today?

  • No serious injuries in todays Nascar race
  • The positive interest and movement in people’s hearts (including mine) to even wake up at 9:30 AM to attend a bible study.
  • Favre breaking  TD record… I’m not a packer fan, but this accomplishment and ability to be that successful that long being injury free is truly God backed. Both Favre and his wife are amazing people.
  • Amber sleeping – I don’t know why, but Amber sleeping (she was taking a nap while I watched the rain delay) is just one of those peaceful things that makes me think how God is in our lives together.

None of them are “huge” God moments, and I don’t expect many will be. I know God is active in the world every day. I know he’s active in my life every day. At the same time though, it’s hard to truly distinguish in my mind what is God working and what is just God given… After all, it’s all his right? Nothing truly is not in his hands…

There is a concept though that I would love to explore in writing over the next week. It’s a concept involving who gets into Heaven and who doesn’t, and what it is I believe, and why. So we’ll have a few more “religion” posts here this week than normal, I pray that it has a positive impact on you, even if you are someone that doesn’t believe in God.

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  • Richard September 30, 2007, 8:51 pm

    The best moments in life are the times we are with the ones we love and know that they are safe and happy.

    I'm not one to take stake in a founded religion, but there is something greater than us and I'd like to think that it cares and gives our life meaning.