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How Did I See God Today: Part 2

It’s been a rather long day, but I think I’m starting to see some of the difference this can make on perspective.

This morning, my phone rang at that horrible hour of 8:00AM. I chose not to answer it, which for the first time in awhile was okay, and then sort of fell back to sleep for another 30 minutes. Normally when this happens, I have a very bad day. Why? Because how I wake up seems to have a HUGE impact on my mood. This morning though, instead of waking up and thinking to myself (in the words of Pastor Dean), “Good Lord it’s morning”, I stopped, prayed about my day and asking that today I would be able to see God a little easier. It was in no way an instant boost of energy, or anything like that, but from that moment forward, the choice to pray seemed to override the decision to have a bad day.  That alone was God thing.

I’m trying to find out how God is showing up in a big way in my life and others, but I am having a hard time with it. One thing I thought was kind of interesting… Tonight was my Mom’s 51st birthday, and we had a decent size party for her at Olive Garden. The fact that she has been in my life for 51 years and been nothing but a positive influence in that time is a God thing. The fact that we were all able to be there at all is a God thing… especially with our schedules ;-).

But what I thought about more than anything is how we are placed in people’s lives, and how we are there to help. After dinner I got to talking with one of my cousins about her Job and some of the challenges she was facing with a big project coming up. It really looked like she needed help, and simply sharing with her a few suggestions seemed to instantly turn her around. Instead of dreading going into work tomorrow she said that, “Tomorrow will be a good day at work.” Had I not gone to dinner, had she not been there, had I been in a bad mood, or if I didn’t have some of the friends I did, none of that advice would fallen in place. It’s a God-working-through-us thing.

One last God thing, and he’ll hate me for writing it, but I’ve been missing Richard. I don’t know if he ditched his screen name or got a job (or as the next paragraph will point out….), or just has been so immersed in Metroid Prime 3, but lately he hasn’t been online to harass (or at least, I haven’t seen him). And although we don’t talk all that much even when we are online, it is often comforting to know his screen name was/is there. So when its not, I tend to notice. Instead though, in the last 3 days, I think he has posted comments on 3 of these posts… Which quite honestly tells me that even though he’s not online to chat, that he is watching… (and responding) even at a distance.

Ok… so now I have to back track on what I just wrote…. Because it turns out Richard has been online and in the move to  Pidgin, his name got lost in the merging of accounts. So maybe it’s a God thing that I was writing about it enough to look. In any case, it’s nice to know that Richard is reading this ;-).
Someone needs to figure out what the mathematical odds are of anything happening in the cosmos just to prove that everything we do is entirely getting more and more mathematically improbable every second we continue to live on this planet. In fact, I think Adams might have been on to something with his improbability drive… Because to some degree it’s the improbable that seems to be happening all the time.

So I strayed tonight with what I wanted to talk about with God… But I got another 5 days to share that, so can’t wait to see how I see God tomorrow. It’s an interesting practice to say the least.