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Spanish Racing

Well, Nikki came home this morning around 1:40 according to my laptop. So it’s good that she is back. I would have posted then but I was dead tired. Spanish homework sucks only because 2/5 of the people that are supposed to be working on this group project have failed to meet the deadline. I suppose that justs means we will have to write their portion of the script. Hopefully not… we moved the deadline to 3:00 just to be on the safe side.

Beth apparently has met one of my friends from college. I have no idea where that’s going, but good for Beth and Rob :-).

It is raceday. I am a little annoyed that NASCAR is no longer on fox for the rest of the season. I dislike the NBC announcers and technologies. Oh well… Ill get over it. It’s racing.

My sister has now entered the semi-finals of the state tournament. To win the championship they will need to win 4 more games, so I don’t know. We shalt see how it goes.

I am now going to start working on the code work around for some stuff in this stupid page. Wish me luck!

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