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How Did I See God Today: Part 5

With the close of this series coming to an end shortly, I wonder what I will be taking away from it. I don’t entirely feel like it’s helped me grow in my faith, or that I’ve had any amazing discovery about God. I think I’ve always known he’s just there, even when I don’t ask him to be.  Maybe it’s having more of an impact on the readers of this site… Who knows.

I think the biggest God thing from yesterday is how Amber manages to put up with me. My personality is a little more volital around her than most, so she sees sides of me that I rarely express in public. The sides of me that I generally don’t show to the public. Why she puts up with it sometimes, I may never know, but it can only be God our hearts that keeps us together.

The rest of my day, what wasn’t spent with Amber, was spent in a conference room. Finding God in business can be rather difficult, but he’s there.