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Why I Love Talladega: A Nascar Jeff Gordan Story

If your like me, you can find yourself watching way to much coverage of the Nascar during the week. So when I watched Jeff qualify the worst I’ve seen in a long while, I had to wonder what was going on. Thankfully they answered my questions right after qualifying: His car was fast, but only in the race (aka, not qualifying).

I trust Jeff to tell me whats up with his car, so I accepted that.

Then he said at the start of the race that he would probably stay in the back for most of the race. So when he was running back there for the first 150 laps of a 180 lap race, I began to worry a little bit that he didn’t have what it took to get to the front.

But I should trust Jeff.

Only a few laps later, Jeff had moved up into 9th place. Something that can only be done at the home of the “Big One”. With 5 to go, he got hooked up with his teammates and pushed Jimmy to the front of the pack. Now was the question I had been wondering… Would Jeff let Jimmy have it, or go for the win.

It what could only be called an Amazing move on the last lap, Jeff pulled in front of Tony Stewart at the last possible moment and got the push he needed to jump ahead at the last possible second. I don’t think there was any other drive in the league that could pull something like that off. It was one of the best finishes this year, and like I told John and Amber earlier today, Jeff will win the race… It’s Talladega afterall.

Special thanks goes to Jeff as well for saving my fantasy team from a loss this week. That should put me 2 games head of John with 5 races to go. It’s closer than last year, but as long as my team doesn’t blow up in the last 5 weeks, I think I will hold my reign as fantasy league champion another year.

My fantasy fooball team looks to be having a good day as well… But that’s not as relevant.

Now if only it would rain and cool this place down a little.