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Focus Healing Brush

If you aren’t an active reader of Engadget (which at times can be difficult to be because all they seem to want to talk about lately is the iphone), I strongly recommend becoming one. From time to time, they will show you something that is so dang cool that you know everyone will be using it in just a few years.

Todays look into the future came from Adobe. It’s nothing that’s never been thought of before, it’s just not something that anyone has implemented yet. In fact, from Adobe’s own little demo, it wasn’t even implemented… just a very slick demo of how it could work.

In any case, you can bet that in just a few short years (I’ll bet that the first camera lense will be available in 2010 and the tool will be available in 2012 as part of CS6) that this technology will be used every where. In fact, it almost makes me want to delay events in my life, just so I can have/take cooler photos of the events.  In any case, it’s pretty slick, and because I have yet to share the link with you, I will do so now:

Adobe France Demo of a Focus Healing Brush