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A New Series: The Journey Lecture (Intro)

I’ve decided that last week’s series on how I see God in my life gave what I wrote some form of direction. It gave me something to focus on for a week and actually try to figure out exactly what I was seeing in God on a day to day basis. I think there are countless times where if we look at our lives, or at the lives of others, we can learn so much… So much so, that I think I am going to do just that from time to time.

That said, here’s more or less what I’m going to do, and maybe you can share in the journey with me. In my array of bookmarks, I have various video lectures that just blow me out of the water. Lectures that actually mean something other than just raw information spewing at you. Most of them aren’t tied to a course. Most (if not all) of them have been given by people that I can only hope to be like. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post the lecture video first, and then blog about it, bit by bit, in sequence. The idea being to expand upon the already brilliant lecture with both my reflections of it, as well as any insites I might have on the same topic.

Just a few things to make clear first:

  • I‘m not doing this because I think the lectures need to be improved. In fact – I don’t think they need to be at all. I’m doing it both to document my own thoughts on it, as well as to hopefully give something additional to the readers of my blog. Ideally I would give back to the speakers, but in reality, I could never even hope to be their mentor.
  • The speakers at these lectures in no way are endorsing this, or have any idea that I am even doing this. Therefore, the views of this blog are solely mine, and should not be at all attributed to the speaker in the lecture that I am talking about (did that sound like legal jargon?).
  • I’m hoping to learn more from these lectures by doing this. Kind of like what happens if you read the bible line by line and actually take time to figure out why each line is there… (BTW: there are very few lines I’ve found to be wasted print in the bible)
  • Please to contribute in the comments… Preferably on the posts that actually have content, not these intro posts.

All that said, the first lecture I wish to share with the readers is one by a professor of Carnegie Mellon named Dr. Randy Pausch. Some of you may have seen clips of this lecture on ABC World News tonight a few weeks back. Others of you may have been lucky enough to have already found it online. It is quickly becoming a very popular lecture on one’s dreams. You can find the lecture on a number of sources at present. I will link to all of the ones I can find right now with the theory that the internet changes so fast that one of them will continue to work for the foreseeable future. It’s well worth the 1:44 of your life to watch.

More links to come with the various topics I hope to post about.