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The Journey Lecture (Part 1)

Randy’s lecture is just phenomenal. And from the beginning you can tell his outlook on life is different than the average persons. He jokes about his impending death. He jokes about how good health he is in. He even jokes about his deathbed conversion of purchasing a Macintosh.

But what is significant about all this isn’t the fact he is funny.

It’s that he has chosen not to focus on the negative of it all.

When I stop and think about what I would say at my deathbed lecture, the first thing that comes to mind is to thank a bunch of people for what they have done for me, and to apologize to those I have scorned. I would probably share stories, most of which would be boring, and I would probably talk about what I was going to miss. I would probably hide my emotions as best I could, but ultimately, I think I would be very down about the whole situation. Especially, after realizing that most of my dreams have long come and gone. Or have they?

And that’s where he starts, his childhood.

So let me start there as well.

Randy’s dreams actually aren’t all that dissimiliar than mine. Thinking back to elementary school and middle school, I would say they looked something like this:

  • Run my own *computer* company
  • Build a really cool lego city
  • Be an astronaut/pilot
  • Make video *Nintendo* games
  • Build/Drive/Own a flying, talking car
  • Have lots of money (in stocks, particularly ones involved with the word Nintendo)

I distinctly remember doing things like building my own Nintendo systems out of paper, building rockets, and always running around pretending me and Richard owned this company called “JR Corps” (although from time to time we would have arguments about a division known as cyberworks was it and wether or not we would live on the moon base, or the one at the bottom of the ocean).

I remember thinking Mario Paint was the coolest thing ever because it allowed me to make my own character animations in a “video game”. I remember a good friend of mine, John Oliver, and myself making very complicated works of paper that if you had any sense of an imagination looked exactly like a classic Nintendo system. In fact, I remember one such fine work (because I think I made like 4 or 5 over much of preschool) that I carried around with me (yes it was the size of a nintendo, and had paper cables for the controllers) everywhere that I wasn’t allowed to carry my actual Nintendo. Just think… I had a portable (albeit paper) Nintendo that worked anywhere (regardless of power). That’s something that Nintendo hasn’t even achieved yet (I was a big thinker).

I remember countless days spent with rockets with Keith Erickson, Kenny Nelson, and Richard Benson. It started in cub scouts when I Keith’s project involved everyone in “the pack” building Alpha 3’s. Later there was a joint science fair project involving way to many magazine cuts from a magazine called “Boys life”. Then there was the summer that we built multi stage rockets that tried to kill people because we failed to use boosters. I will always remember Kenny walking around with his 6 foot tall “Mean Machine” and swinging it at people. I remember trying to calculate how many Estes engines it would take to get to outer space (and thereby how many stages). I’m 100% sure that our caclulations were wrong, especially since we didn’t factor in the weight of each additional engine. There’s one thing I even remember thinking we should try that we never did… That was putting engines on our roller blades. I always wonders just how much thrust those things actually had.

Basically, I can remember all my dreams almost plain as day, and it’s good to look back and think about what they were. It might just help you account for where you are at with your life, and where you should be going. But more on that in another post. In the mean time, I would love to hear what some of your dreams were when you were younger.

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  • Richard October 10, 2007, 9:14 pm

    I remember trying to figure out rocket thrust. My first introduction to Newtons. Ugh…that was a nightmare. Who would have thought I would have to wait till freshman year of College to get a good idea and still have trouble grasping. So…about those potatoes…and these spare engines I have…