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Maxing out my first credit card

So I’m trying to figure out if this is something I intended to have happen, or if this is a bad thing.

It seems today, that I have come dangerously close to maxing out my first credit card, a credit card that I haven’t even had for a month. That said, I haven’t had to pay a single bill yet (it’s coming in like 10 days). I haven’t actually maxed it (like I still have a couple more hundred to go). I don’t have that high of a limit. I also have enough money in my checking account to cover it. Combine that with the fact that I got the credit card to start charging the bigger wedding purchases to (so that I get 1% cash back and a little extra time to move money around from some investments).

It’s still strange though, knowing that I… Justin Gehring, master of finances, can easily max out a credit card i no time flat, and with little to no red flags going up anywhere in anyone’s system verifying that I am doing something that I should be doing.  I mean seriously… How is Visa not allowed to let me sign up in under 10 minutes, and then charge almost to my limit immediatly after getting the card… Craaazy business in my mind.

In other news, I thought I would mention some of the things I purchased (I’m sure I’ll write more about them in the near future):

  • Pre-ordered Guitar Hero 3 Wii Style (Dang Nikki having me play way to much while in Chicago)
  • Paid to publish the first 1000 posts of my blog into a paper back book. More on this later (when I get it)
  • Paid to get a microphone for my computer (I’ve been needing one)
  • Paid a LOT of money to photographer(s) for the wedding. More on that at our other site later.

In any case, I must admit I like things showing up at my door day after day… It’s just fun.

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