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All Hallows Eve

Halloween in the middle of the week should be lost… I think someone should redo the calendar so that any holiday involving nighttime enjoyment always falls on a friday or saturday… Similiar to how thanksgiving always falls on a thursday. Just think, if Halloween always fell on a friday, you could trick or treat as late as you wanted because there wouldn’t be school the next day.

Of course, I haven’t tricked or treated for a few years now. Instead, my family has the wonderful tradition of going over to my cousins to for Halloween dinner (it stems from when we were little we went trick or treating with them). It’s always a blast, always fun to tell stories, and always fun to catch up and tell lies about Harry Potter. (Although more of those lies become true every day).

I might post pictures later tonight (if I take any) for now, I just wanted to write something to test out a feature of my blog. Later for now.