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Justin’s Superbowl – Nascar Style

Tomorrow is Justin’s superbowl. Tomorrow is the last race of the Nascar season. What could be better than my two favorite teams duking it out for the championship. It’s a type of year-long drama that you really don’t get in any other sport. It’s something unless you realize everything that has lead up to it, it would have no meaning to you. Things like, Jimmy Johnson winning the last 4 races back to back, or Jeff Gordon playing in the top 10 29 times this season (out of 35 so far). Or, how about Rick Hendrick, their car owner winning over HALF the races in Nascar… It’s domination that can only be compared to team likes the 95-96 Chicago Bulls (who went 72-10 that year… just crazy), or two Nebraska Football in the Tom Osborne era (something like 25 straight bowl games, and no season with more than 3 losses.. just crazy).

That said, you can guess where I will be tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve been working on a few things independent of this blog that have been keeping me busy. I’d say more about them, but non of them are worth even showing at this point. So for now, I go and sleep.