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Stephen Colbert News: Since you can’t get it form Comedy Central

So I have been in pain since the writers strike began. My entire emergency TV lineup for for the 7 to 8pm/10pm to 11pm hour has been in reruns since it began. Without my Colbert, how am I supposed to get my insightful truthiness information on politics?

In any case, it means I have to find news from and about him on my own.

And today I did.

In a strange series of events, it seems that Colbert managed to get in a tie for a government position. In the voting that took place earlier this month nationwide, it seems that 2 position were open on a Williamsburg board. 1 was filled with an incumbent. The other: a 3 way tie of write-in candidates. One of which: Stephen Colbert.  Aparently, if people can’t have him for president, they will take him in any government position that they can find for him.

As for me: I will be using him as my default write-in from here on out :-).

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  • Richard November 20, 2007, 12:25 pm

    While neat and cool. The "real" Stephen Colbert is barely known by the populace. The one we see is an act. However, from what I've gathered it is an exaggeration of his true self. I've got nothing against the guy and honestly he is doing a lot to show that America is so dangerously apathetic about politics in this time where such decisions could be vitally crucial to the survival of the human race. A little over dramatic, but consider the worst case scenario if our leaders do attack Iran-It's scary.

  • Justin Gehring November 20, 2007, 1:24 pm

    Real or fake, I have decided that Colbert can not be any worse than ANY of the real candidates.

    I would rather have a character (see: pathological liar) in office then someone who sometimes lies, and sometimes tells the truth.