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1000 People in 3 Hours

There’s a part of me that really wishes I had a website as popular as some of the ones I work on. This morning, one of website I worked for launched a sign-up for a free webinar. They sent out an email about it to their list, and within 3 hours, they had maxed out the registrations at 1000. Over the next 30 minutes, they had already had 50 people sign up on the “overflow” list.  Those are impressive numbers for a saturday morning.

There not quite as impressive as the number of people who signed up on engadget yesterday for any of their various give aways… but still… very very impressive from my point of view.

I added twitter to my site. I don’t know how often I will use it (or if I will give up on it after a day or two). It’s nice to be able to update my blog with short quips simply by IMing something to a bot. I wouldn’t want to write full posts using AIM, but this seems to work well for my purposes. I’ll have to find out if there is a way to archive twitter.

I watched Numb3rs for the first time on Friday evening. The reason: Wil Weaton (Weasley Crusher) was on it. Wil, to some degree, puts out the persona of everything I aspire to be. Successful in arts, geekiness, love, and life. I think I’m getting there, although my art is no where near as cool as his writings and television appearances are.

Sometimes I feel I’ve lost my zanniness. I look back at some of my older blog posts and think, “what was I thinking.” Maybe this is all part of growing up. Maybe it’s part of being beaten into submission by society. Maybe I’m hiding some part of me.

Perhaps, I should do something zanny with my day. What better time than a time to do it than on a day that *should* be a holiday.

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  • Justin Gehring November 25, 2007, 1:21 pm

    Actually, I'm part of the Wil Weaton 300 (meaning, I bought a copy of his hard cover, signed, and numbered). I don't have it in my posession yet, but I'm hoping I'm 242 :-).

  • Alex November 25, 2007, 5:30 pm

    You may like Wil’s latest book — it was recently reviewed on Slashdot.