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A new logo!

Hey look, I haven’t even used the old one much and I am already on a new logo. Maybe if I get bored I will make new logos everyday. Wait, no that won’t happen dont even say such things Justin.

I am off to Damon’s rather shortly to go give Nikki a boost emitionally. Maybe that will help heal her of whatever it is that is making her sick. Probably not, but you never know.

My sis has just entered the champion state softball game. She wins it and she will have won state. That’s just amazing considering they will have had to play 7 games today just to do that.

Racing was good. Gordan took second which is just helping him to move up in the spots. My next driver, Johnson took 4th. So overall it was a good day. I don’t mind Kevin Harvick won. It all balances out

I hope people are happy. This weekend has been rough. If I don’t post again, even though I will, I hope everyone had a good one…

When’s sim getting back!?!

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