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Poor Choices

I am constantly amazed at how people sometimes go about making poor decisions. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve made bad decisions in life and will make more in the future. I would like to think there is a limit to the poor decisions I could make though.

Take for example the news out of Penn State today: Some kids decided that for Halloween, they would dress up as the victims of the Virginia Tech massacure. (And then to add to the poor decisions, posted the pictures on Facebook)

At what point, did their minds come to the conclusion that this would be a good idea?

Maybe they were simply seeking attention.

Maybe they thought it would be funny.

Maybe they didn’t think at all…

But really…

How unsensitive and thoughtless do you have to be to dress up as the victims of a school shooting?

Read more here: http://www.ecanadanow.com/news/us/virginia-tech-halloween-costumes-spark-anger-20071208.html