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The need for the holidays

With the holiday quickly approaching, and a lot of strange things working out the way they are, I’m realizing more and more that my life is getting rather out of balance.

I had noticed it awhile ago.

I didn’t seem to see my friends anymore. I figured this was just college and now having “work friends”.

I didn’t seem to exercise anymore. I figured this was just part of working to much.

I didn’t seem to watch movies anymore. I figured I’m an adult.

I didn’t seem to care anymore. I figured I cared about new things.

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m enjoying forcing myself to make time for others, to make time for myself, and to make time in general for things other than work. Things like parties. Things that are fun. Things that don’t involve my rear sitting in my computer chair.

So here’s to the time to examine one’s life in time for the new year. A time to realize that maybe you need to change your pace, or to change your attitude. Maybe a time to recapture and remember long forgotten moments. Maybe, just maybe, time to realize we weren’t put here work… but for much higher purpose. A purpose of love.  {isn’t that sappy}

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