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Rebuilding Justin

It’s to late to apologize

So I’ve been addicted to this song that Timbaland has gone and made popular (although I don’t think it’s originally by him). In any case, I’ve been listening to some remixed versions of it, and decided that January 1st, 2008… Is much to far away to wait to make changes that need to be made.

I have some major faults in my personality that need correcting. Arrogance must go. The need to be right.. must say bye bye. “Acceptable Failure” must be brought back into my life.  I’m to focused on unachievable perfection, that it’s taking away from love and life. It’s not what God intended… He didn’t intend for us to be perfect after the fall. I’m a firm believer that perfection is a moving target. I’m a firm believer that the more you get closer to what most people call perfection, the more you reach an unhealthy level of self-made success.

That said, I want others to be my success.

It’s to late to apologize

On that note, I’ve rethemed Rinsefirst to a minimal theme. I was sick of the bugs I was having in the old ones design. This one I can’t take any credit for… It’s just theme for WordPress known as Simpla. Who knows how long it will last… But really, the words matter more than the pretty images.

I’m hearing what you say

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