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Just Don’t Say It

One of the greatest problems I myself have is knowing when to shut up.

I can’t think of any quick example that I feel needs to be told, or something like that… But really, how many times have you ever brought up a subject that you think is a problem between two people, only to realize, the other person didn’t even know it was a problem, and NOW you have a problem.

Most people don’t know what I’m thinking on an average second. My mind moves rather quickly between topics, so even if there is an conversation around me and I look like I’m deep in thought, odds are, I’m not actually thinking about their conversation when I smile, but instead, I am thinking about the latest web idea I had that I would probably never work on.

Besides knowing when to shut up… How does one know when to quit? I have a few business things that have probably grown to be larger and bigger than ever intended… Things that day after day, are looking more and more like they are doomed to fail. At what point do you just terminate it? (See my other article titled Sony).

One last thing: I apologize to a handful of people: your gifts will be late… Most likely because I forget that ordering requires shipping… I’m sure you wont mind as long as you get it :-).

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