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In the Car On The Way To Nebraska

So right now, I’m probably crossing the Minnesota/Iowa state line. Hopefully, all has gone according to plan, and I am doing so safely.

While I’m doing this though, I feel it’s vital to keep my readership informed of as many pointless things as possible.

In this case, it’s a book.

As most of you know, I am falling more and more in love with what I do every day. I’m moving past ideas that are overdone (like hosting). I’m moving into realms that are much larger, and much more interesting. At the moment, Internet Marketing is my favorite topic… It has been for awhile.

If you think about it, that’s what web design and development really is. It’s about being able to market something to someone using the internet. Internet marketing has it’s own little niche’s, like for example SEO is the art of marketing to the search engines. But really, most people don’t understand why, or how, people are buying using the internet. Corporations are just starting to get the swing of it, and well… Most of them are doing it poorly.

In any case though, a book comes out on the 27th that I think will be a good read. I’m hoping to either pick it up for myself, or have someone order it for me. It’s a book by a guy named Seth Godin. If you find this topic at all interesting, I strongly recommend picking it up. You can find the book on Amazon here:

It might also be worth checking out the early review of the book over at CopyBlogger.