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What Other People Got For Christmas (Part 1)

So far only 1 of my “Christmas’s” have come and gone. This year, instead of posting what I got for Christmas, I decided I’m going to post what I gave other people. This includes things I may have given as “joint” gifts with my soon to be wife. I may still post what I got for Christmas… But I think I will do that at a later time.

So the first wave was with Amber’s immediate family (mom, dad). What we gave was the following:

  • Amber’s Mom (Jill) – She got basically the complete Willow Tree Nativity Set. She has always wanted one, and so Amber and I felt it was the perfect gift for her this year. Amber’s mom felt the same way, and was very very happy to get the set. The set includes:
  • Amber’s Dad (Mike) – We got him a 6’6″ fishing pole and a reel. I would tell you more about them, but sadly, I was off looking at solar panels while Amber got the recommendations from the guy at Gander Mountain. Needless to say, he was very happy as well.

So all in all, two perfect gifts so far (if you ask me). Most posts to come.

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