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What Other People Got For Christmas (Part 2)

Here it is, the night of Christmas day. My apologies for no post last night… I managed to forget my laptop at my grandpa’s house… So yeah… In any case here’s the run down of some of the gifts that were given.

  • To my cousin Darin, I gave “The Happiest Days of Our Lives” by Wil Weaton. It was signed and numbered, and was of the rare hardback breed. A very cool gift for a Star Trek fan.
  • To my Uncle Bob -  I gave a 25$ gift card to target and a cd that he had on his list.
  • To my cousin Alex – We (Amber and I) gave two drawing books.
  • To my cousin Trevor – We gave him a pack of matchbox cars.
  • And, To Nikki, we (Amber and I) gave her a copy of her blog in print. I’m hoping to see some pictures of it soon (just because I think it was cool making it). Hopefully she got it before I wrote this ;-).

Amber and me are having a great time together. I love spending the holidays with her. Spent a lot of time talking about the wedding tonight with the Nebraska side of the family. It never ceases to amazing me the level of advice people have to give about weddings.

Not too much in other news. More later.