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What Other People Got For Christmas (Part 4)

So I believe this *might* be the last round of Christmas gifts that were given out by me (and Amber to some degree) this year. Tonights party: Amber’s Mom’s Side Christmas bash.

Here’s what was given:

  • Jill Radabaugh – I gave her the card game “Rage”. It was actually intended for the whole Radabaugh family because we are all card players. The game plays like another regular card game I call “Oh Hell”, but adds some twists to it (more colors, wild cards, etc). If your looking for a card game other than uno, skipbo, or phase 10… I recommend Rage. We also ran into John’s Kellie (as much as Kellie can be called “Johns”). She just happened to be on the phone with John too… Sounded like she was getting some games for a party, but we were in a rush so we kind of dashed out of there without talking to her.
  • Mike Radabaugh – I had Mike’s name, and had already (with Amber) gotten him a Fishing Pole and Reel… I have no idea how to shop for fishing gear, so guessing at things like lure’s and lines I decided was a bad idea, so I resorted to the good ol’ $40 gift card. And with Amber’s help, a book.
  • Jack (Amber’s Cousin) – A $10.00 Best Buy Gift Card
  • Sierra (Amber’s Cousin) – We got her a fun little makeup kit.
  • Katie (Amber’s Cousin) – A $10.00 American Eagle Gift Card
  • Ed (Amber’s Grandpa) – a $25.00 Gift Card for Barnes and Noble
  • Sharon (Amber’s Grandma) – Earings, tweezers, and a book.
  • Ashley (Amber’s Sister) – $25.00 to Pac Sun and $40.00 cash.

On another note, I got word that Richard got his gift today, and because I haven’t posted about it: It was a book of his past comic strip “The Onus”. I haven’t seen it, but word is he thought it was pretty cool.

All and all, a rather great way to end the gift giving season for the year… Or am I done?