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What I Got For Christmas Part 2 – Samsung CLX-3160FN

This Christmas present from my parents came somewhat as a surprise. You’ll see why in later posts… But needless to say, I’ve been in desperate need of a printer basically ever since owning my own computer. You would think it would have been a good business purchase sometime long ago… But sadly, it was something I always found a way around. In any case, the Samsung CLX-3160FN has far outweighed my expectations so far.

So here’s what I like about it:

  • Good pages per minute
  • Color laser prints look sharp… Better than Dell’s color laser’s. On par with HP’s.
  • The Fax unit and scanner work fairly well… A Hell of a lot better than HP’s multi-function network devices. (I hate HP’s drivers).
  • Toner is easy and painless to load.
  • Has some nifty USB features.
  • Document loaders rock my work.. Way better than flatbed for the type of stuff I do.
  • Scans to email.
  • Everything seems to work in vista.

The bad:

  • Although the manual says it should do 1200dpi when scanning (and then some), I can’t seem to get it to do more than 300dpi. It might be that I’m not using USB mode, or perhaps because of vista… But for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.
  • It seems to be prone to stuff on the rollers that cause dots in solid print outs… Not difficult to clean though, and fairly rare.
  • No automatic duplex printing.
  • Not really a photo printer (nor does it print on CD’s/DVD’s) but I don’t think those are normal features.

Overall: a prefect office printer to get me started. A perfect gift for a business minded person like me.