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Why Do We Blog?

I used to think that I blogged because I had something to contribute. Something that the world might find useful in some way.

I have recently come to the conclusion that I don’t blog to contribute anymore…

I simply blog to blog. I write posts about anything and everything. The only rule: it has to involve me in some way.  Either I have to like it, dislike it, think about it, want it, have it, need it, show it, run with it, befriend it, despise it, relate to it, suck up to it, destroy it, or some other verb followed by it. So I ____ It.  Again it’s not for anyone’s real good, although I’m 100% certain some of you find my blog educational, entertaining, and sometimes just downright boring (but you like boring).

I won’t change my blogs state of being.

I’ve tried before.

I’ve failed before.

Rinsefirst is perfect as it is, for what it is, and why it exists. It exists as a place on the web solely to allow me to play with words, code, and above all else, my mind. Because as many of us have heard “Boredem is a sickness between the ears.” and for me.. Blogging is just one of the many ways I prevent this horrible disease.