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What I Got For Christmas Part 3 – A Sealy Office Chair

I would give you more details on this very comfortable chair, but sadly, I am unable to find it online… So I will write 25 things about my new found chair:

  1. My Chair is “cushy”
  2. It’s 3 way adjustable with these nifty little locks to make sure they stay there.
  3. It has wheels.
  4. It’s brownish white (some would say tan or skintone)
  5. Amber put it together
  6. It’s a lot like my old chair which Joe now gets to sit in.
  7. It sits in front of my computer.
  8. It sits to the left of my printer if your looking at my computer.
  9. Often times, it catches me as I fall out of bed.
  10. It’s a chair.
  11. Sealy Makes it.
  12. It has 2 arm rests.
  13. The arm rests are adjustable up and down as well as in and out.
  14. My butt sinks into it.
  15. It’s about 3 feet high at it’s current setting.
  16. It swivels left to right in full 360 degree style.
  17. It loves me.
  18. It often times will have to suffer abuse such as me banging my fists into it, or jumping up and down in it.
  19. It came in a box.
  20. My parents gave it to me
  21. It sits on top of some shag-like carpeting that came from my sister’s room.
  22. I’m sitting in it right now.
  23. It can’t be found online by me (at present).
  24. Justin doesn’t know it’s model number.
  25. Justin can’t find it’s box.

I figure thats enough things about my chair to make this post worth while. I hope you enjoyed it. If you don’t have a good office chair to sit in while at your machine, I strongly recommend getting one… If for no other reason than to be able to write a blog post about it.