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New Hampshire vote HuckColeberry 08!

I know going into today, he was an underdog.

But New Hampshire, there is only one candidate for you to vote for tomorrow.

His name: Huckabee.

Now before I generate tons of comments on how we should be living in Hilary’s world, or that Obama is the voice of the future, or even that any other candidate is better… You must first hear why there is only one way to vote tomorrow… It all comes down to the person’s running mate.

How many of you know who Hilary wants for her VP? How many of you normally care? I mean really… The vice presidential role is generally at the back seat until final election time, and even then no one cares. But the American government has come to expect entertainment from their VP’s. They want news that their VP is on the brink of yet another heart attack. They want news that their VP accidently shot one of his good friends. They simply want to know that there is some humor in politics, and we expect it to come from someone with limited power… The VP.

So who better to have as your VP than an entertainer?

You can see why the vote can only be Huckabee tomorrow right? It’s simply this:

Stephan Colbert, a man who had his campaign thwarted by the non-democratic party system, has announced tonight, the night before the primary, that he accepts Huckabee’s invitation to be on the ticket with him… Even if he has to be second. That’s right: Huckabee/Colbert 08, or if your a true fan: HuckColeberry 08.

So New Hampshire… Speak Out! Vote HuckColeberry 08 tomorrow and show the party system that we want Colbert!

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  • gishead January 8, 2008, 12:52 pm

    Hey Justing

    Actually looking into a post you did months ago on engadget re Earthmine and 3M. Earthmine to me is still not for real. Just a cool idea. Looking for a real player in the streetmapping area and you mentioned 3M. I can't find anything on the 3M website can you help me out here? thanks