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What I Got For Christmas Part 9 – Westinghouse Computer Monitor

This was probably the thing I wanted 2nd most on my list… A new computer monitor. The one I asked for had some very specific specs, namely:

  • Component Inputs (I wanted to be able to hook my wii up without any converters)
  • 23″ or more (19″ has served me well, but with the amount I’m on this thing…)
  • 1080p support (for when I get me an HD cable box)
  • 1920xsomething resolution
  • refresh rate under 8ms

I had looked at NewEgg a few times, and hadn’t really found a specific one I wanted, so I left it open to whatever my parents could find at out in the real world. They did good. They ended up getting a Westinghouse L2410… Aka, this sucker:

The monitor is a ton brighter than my last one, which is both good and bad. The picture quality is pretty sharp. The internal speakers aren’t very great, but I don’t use them anyway.  All and all, it rocks being able to have 2 webpages up side by side (Actually 3, I have my 19″ hooked up as well, bringing my total desktop space to (1280*1024 + 1920*1200 = 3,614,720) aka 3.6 Megapixels of goodness.

If your looking for a monitor that has everything but a TV tuner, this is the one :-).