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What I Got For Christmas Part 10 – Wii Zapper With Link’s Crossbow Training

Now here was a game that simply had the world Zelda with it so I had to insure it was on my Christmas list:

The game really isn’t all that much more complicated than Duck Hunt. It’s far prettier, but the game play is more or less the same. It’s got the twists from Zelda that you would expect, like for example, you lose points if you shoot the chickens (If you don’t know why this is something from the Zelda legacy, I strongly recommend hopping into Link’s Awakening for the original gameboy and attacking a chicken as fast as you can with a sword… Come to think of it, do that in any Zelda game. And you thought Ganon was evil).

I must admit the zapper is pretty cool as well… And with my back-lit nun-chuck I think it’s even cooler. It’s a little weird to hold at first (and to realize where the buttons are) but you get used to it very quickly. It’s a simple game, but hey, I’ll take simple when the game is only $25.00.