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The Truth About the Christmas Blog Posts

It’s time for me to be honest about something…

Now that I’m am over half way thru January, I thought I should open up a little and explain why I am attempting to write about Christmas for the entire month of January.

It is not because I love Christmas so much that it deserved an entire extra month of reflection.

It is not because I wanted to show off all my gifts.

It is not because I simply had nothing else to write about (in fact, so far I’ve had days that have close to 4 posts in a single day because I have other things to talk about).

These posts are simply a test to prep me for my next project.

See, I have another blog in the works. One that isn’t quite so random as Rinsefirst. One that might actually serve a very focused purpose. One of the problems I forsee with this particular blog is what my mind tells me is a limited topic to write about. For me to write interesting blog articles on a particular topic for a significant period of time without losing my focus… well it’s never been done (unless you say that Rinsefirst is just an ongoing blog on the topic of Justin, but the topic Justin is just a tad bit too general to be useful for most people.)

So in reality my goal of mentioning a particular thing, namely Christmas, in at least one post a day for an entire month is quite a challenge. I fear that shall I run out of Christmas Gifts given to me, I may be in for some rough blog posts.

And for those of you saying that this isn’t really a good test because I’m cheating… I’m just talking about some “product” every day for 31 days… Something that could easily be done simply by randomly searching Amazon once a day. That is true… But what is also true is that everything… and I do mean everything has a list that can be tied to it. Let’s demonstrate with possible “themed” blog post lists I came up with on 2 very random nouns.

Christmas Trees:

  • Where to get them
  • Real vs. Fake – The debate continues
  • What variety of tree makes the best Christmas tree and why
  • Origins of the Christmas Tree
  • How to best preserve a Christmas Tree
  • Angle or Star? Does the topper really matter?


  • Why is everyone’s favorite color blue?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Top 10 shades of blue to use in web design
  • What to do when your feeling blue.
  • How to make tongue turn blue

So you see, you really can create lists from just about everything.

In any case, I’ve started building the outline for my new “focused” blogs. Breaking it down by major topics (of which I have 30 of at the moment) and then by sub topic (of which I have 36). My goals when I am done with this (and when I start the blog) are 52 related topics with a total of 365 blog posts. You can probably guess why.

Hopefully you think I’m making these Christmas blog posts interesting (yes this is one of them), and hopefully you’ll find them more interesting now that you know the real reason I’m writing them.