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What I Got For Christmas Part 11 – Legos!

Yes, that’s right… I got Lego’s from Amber’s Grandparents. Two sets in fact:

So I know what your thinking… Your thinking… Justin? He’s like 23 right? He got Legos for Christmas? That’s right… let me explain though, because it’s kind of a weird story.

Every year, I create 3 different Christmas lists: 1 for Nebraska. 1 for families Christmas, and 1 for my parents. The 3 lists are basically mutually exclusive and are designed such to eliminate the chance that I would get the same thing in two different locations, thus having me to return something. All in all it works quite well.

One of the side affects of this though is that I create 3 different “price” ranges for the gifts. Each one corresponds to the price “limits” each place has. For my Nebraska list, I decided to put “A small lego set”. The reason was that from time to time I find myself with nothing to do but video games and talk while I’m there. I thought building a Lego set might give me a nice like 10 minute distraction and take me back to being a youth.

The interesting part was that I didn’t get one.

So how did I end up with them you ask?

Well, like I said, I create 3 lists… The problem this year was I had roughly 6 Christmas parties. Because I was to lazy to really think about it, when Amber asked me for my Christmas list for her family, I simply took the items that were in the proper price range (and that I didn’t mind getting more than one of) and gave them to her.  I really didn’t put any thought into the portion of my list that I was copy and pasting more than that… So what I failed to realize was that I had put Lego sets on my list for Amber’s family.

And what would you know: I got some.

And to be entirely honest: I loved it.

There is something magical about getting a gift that you always wanted as a kid. Something that is able to pull you back to that time period and let you just have fun again. Things like video games don’t have that affect on me because it’s something that I still do to this day… However, I couldn’t remember the last time I opened a Lego Box or the last time I actually followed the directions to build a set. It’s always been random custom buildings with a purpose…

That said, it was a joy to open them up and build them. I built the first one that night at the Christmas party, which was a lot of fun. I built the second one when I was a little bored a few weeks ago, and it helped to make me “not bored”.

All in all, I think I might just leave this on my Christmas list for next year… For they are quite fun.