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Preposting The Banana Monkey

Let me first say that BananaMonkey (aka my future wife) has made her first “real” blog post in close to 4 months. It’s a return that like Richard’s Return, and Nikki’s return, I hope will be a long lived successful one.

In her first post back, she talks about her new found ability to prepost. I don’t think bloggers who run their own blog, or who don’t have this tool available really realize how much this can help with things. It takes the burden off the blogger to have to write something every day, and allows them to instead blog all at once.

If you pick a topic and run with it… It can allow you to run with the topic for say… A month, or even a year (if your talented enough) without having to post, simply by sitting down for an hour when your bored and hashing out as many posts as you possibly can. It allows you to make statements like this (and be honest on them) too:

“I will talk more about this on the 16th as part of my Christmas series of blog posts”

In any case, the full array of blogs have returned to the web… Now if only I had opened my publishing store :-). Anyone else want to blog? Want to learn how? Curious as to something about blogging? Try posting it in the tips.

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