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The Press, Eden Praire, and Facebook

Personally, I think the press has this one all wrong

As I understand it from the articles I’ve read, the kids were not suspended from school (at least not until the walk-out happened on campus). The way I read it, they were suspended from various after-school activities (such as football, basketball, etc.) The last time I checked, if your an athlete and test positive for any sort of substance abuse, 9 times out of 10 your kicked off the team.

In fact, hasn’t the U of M (and every other college with a zero tolerance policy) been doing this for years?

The more stupid thing is the fact that these kids put them online… People need to start realizing that the internet works in much the same way the “parent” network works… You know… you tell a friend, they tell their parent, who tells another parent, who tells your parent which results in trouble…

In any case, the press just needs some news…