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A New Challenger Approachs

How come whenever I take a break from reading the Smash Bros. blog, they always have the cool announcements?

As the days count down to the release of Smash Brothers for the Wii… Olimar (the crazy space dude from pikmin) has been added. That basically means that every character in any Nintendo series is now in the game… And by series, I mean games that Nintendo has produce that had sequels (there was a Pikman 2 right?)

In any case, I know I have said this before, but if you aren’t following the Smash Bros. website, and you own a Wii… You really should be reading it to get yourself hyped for yet another release-day purchase… Because you know your going to need to get it on release day if you want to be able to find a copy by Christmas right? (hehe, yeah right…)

So lets just see… doing the math on everything… Today is the 14th. The game releases on teh 10th… That means I have roughly 25 days to clear Super Mario Galaxy…. Shouldn’t be a problem.