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What I Got For Christmas Part 15 – Wii Points Card

One of the things I got from Amber’s parents was a Wii Points Card:


These “gift” card like objects provide Wii owner’s to purchase games on the Wii’s Virtual console. So far, I have used it to purchase Bubble Bobble and Super Mario Bros. 3, two classic NES games that for me are just fun to pick up and play from time to time (without having to hook up my NES). I’m hoping to save the remaining points for Goldeneye whenever that is released ;-).

I was surprised at how few Wii Points cards I got. Given the prevalence of gift card buying this day in age, I kind of expected to get a large number of these. In fact, I kind of expected to get a large number of gift cards like I do every year… But for the first time (and to my great delight), I got very few gift cards, and most of them were for food (which is always a good way to go with me because it forces me to get out of the house and do something with Amber).

In any case, if you need one more reason to purchase a Wii, let it be the virtual console… Especially if you never got the chance to play any of the classic Nintendo games when they were around the first time.